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About us

Your Ground Crew

We work for the best people. They ring to say "thank you for a the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life!" Rally travellers really are terrific people, and they love our mission to make sailing adventures easy, relaxing and fun.

We are your support crew on the ground. We do your research, answer your questions, make your bookings and issue your travel documents. We love to find great perks we can pass on and sorting the myriad of tiny things that make your holiday a pleasure, from beginning to end. Read more
Your Ground Crew

Your Travel Guides

Your travel guides are sailors and travellers of many years. Their knowledge colours your holiday with vibrant moments that take a lifetime of travel to find. You have their support to shift tracks and take a new perpective

They specialise in sharing their favourite places and experiences with you, they navigate through the details that can make a holiday stressful and help you to push your comfort zone back a foot or two.
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Your Travel Guides