Meet the team


Trevor is passionate about sailing, and racing in particular. Whenever there are two yachts going in the same direction at the same time there is a race on and the sail trimming starts. Trevor is fanatical about Ozzie Rules football, he plays tennis and likes loud jungle music.

After working in education in England, Greece, Saudi Arabia and then back in Oz, Maggie has become a passionate ‘people person’. She has earned the title of Director of Peace and Harmony on the Mariner Boating yacht rallies. Her interests include history, food and culture, and photography.


Lauren’s first adventure with Mariner Boating was in 2001. At 16, she and her family joined the Greek Island Odyssey Rally and after 2 weeks cruising the Cyclades Lauren decided she could probably handle working for a company like this. Six years later, with a Bachelor’s Degree and two months of European travelling under her belt, Lauren joined the Mariner team. Now, 5 years on, Lauren has progressed from office junior to managing and coordinating rallies in Tahiti, Tonga, Turkey, Croatia, Corsica and Sardinia and Thailand. In addition to her journeys with Mariner, she has travelled through Germany, Austria, the UK, Portugal, Spain, France, the USA and New Zealand. With a passion for music and being on the water, Lauren spends her free time trying to play the guitar and sailing on the family catamaran.


Once upon a time Laura worked in the corporate travel industry. Her work ranged from organising large events such as the Australia Day event, to confidential travel for PM’s, other government departments, corporations and the banking industry. Laura has travelled to Russia, Japan, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore and Turkey. She loves adventure, moo boxes (don’t ask) and cooking.



Emma has been in the travel industry for over 25 years and has a passion for travel. She worked with Trevor in the early days of Mariner Boating organising the original Tahiti Nui Cup in 2000 and came back a few more times to organise various rallies until 2002. She has since raised 2 beautiful children and has travelled to France, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, The Baltics, Germany, Austria, Hungary, England, Egypt, USA, New Zealand, Tahiti and Asia. She loves history, trivia and socialising with her friends and family and though she is not a sailor, she loves being on and in the water. She recently returned to Mariner Boating as she clearly just can’t stay away!



Cathy has been with the Mariner team for 6 years as the financial controller of the business. She makes sure that the money trail always stays on track and uses her whip only occasionally when expenses start to run high. She may be a “Bean Counter” now, but in her earlier days she worked as a travel consultant and manager of a travel office for 12 years. She has travelled the world extensively but mostly by air and land. Deep down however, she knows she is a “Soul Sailor” as the passion for boats and sailing from the rest of the team has rubbed off on her. Her love of number crunching and travel is only surpassed by the love of her two beautiful daughters and a great cup of tea.



Our flights specialist Belinda King has been in the travel industry for 23 years. She has extensive experience with corporate and leisure agencies in addition to running her own business. Belinda has travelled around the world as much as one can as a busy mum and plans to do more in the future. She enjoys a challenge and is always happy to help our clients make their dream holidays happen.