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Maggie and Trevor Joyce

Maggie and Trevor Joyce, owners of Mariner Boating Holidays and professional travel guides on the Mariner Rally program
Brains trust, founders, directors and professional travel guides
Passionate about sailing, Ozzie Rules football and music to make the blood pump at volumes not necessarily good for you, Trevor is the push and drive man behind the Rally program each year. Spokesperson, route designer, itinerary recognisance and troop wrangler are his everyday, but once this man gets on the water he is truly happy to his core. When you sail with Trev, you cannot escape his enthusiasm and wonder at the whole experience.

Maggie travelled the world for 12 years with kids, and Trevor… so she is organised, practical, a flexible thinker and has knack for problem solving so that everyone wins. She loves travelling because she learns so much about the things she loves; people, history, food and culture and photography. She is a great mentor for Lauren as she develops into an experienced travel guide and tour manager.