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Caribbean Leeward Islands: the only way to go

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 29 Jun 2017
catamaran motoring out of Deep bay Antigua

When it comes to the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, there’s a right time to sail, a right direction to travel in, and a right vessel to take – and the 2018 Caribbean Yacht Rally in February/March ticks all the boxes. Here, Mariner Boating’s Trevor Joyce tells why.

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Croatia Yacht Rally: a day in the life of a rally skipper

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 28 Jun 2017
skipper Robbie on board a yacht in Croatia

I’ve been running yacht rallies for 20 years, and regardless of what I know about the destinations we visit, I would never attempt to run a rally without having one of these guys or girls with us.

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Mallorca Yacht Rally: Cabrera National Park

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 19 Jun 2017
Cabrera National Park Lighthouse on cliff

After two weeks in the villages, towns and calas of Mallorca we divert from the Island and race 15 nautical miles south from Porto Petro to the small Cabrera Archipelago.

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Mallorca Yacht Rally: What is a Cala?

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 16 Jun 2017
Cala de sa Colabra Yacht at anchor

The Spanish term ‘cala’ means cove in English, but the literal translation gives no hint of what to expect when entering a cala from the sea. They are more like Scandinavian Fjords.

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Culinary Memories

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 15 Jun 2017

When you join a Mariner yacht rally you’ll soon realise that the group dining experience is about a lot more than just the food. From cricket in Croatia to Bon Jovi in the Caribbean, Trevor Joyce remembers some of the unusual culinary experiences he’s shared with past rally participants.

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Mallorca Yacht Rally: Pollenca

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 13 Jun 2017
Pollenca Mallorca yachts racing

​For the race to Pollença, the conditions are near perfect; the weather forecast shows 10 to 15 knots, flat seas and clear skies. And so, at the base of the dramatic 600m coastal cliffs our fleet manouvres into line.

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Mallorca Yacht Rally: Sóller

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 13 Jun 2017
Cala de sa Calobra yacht at anchor

The Mallorca Yacht Rally sails on to tourist hotstop Sóller before venturing inland to the spectacular hilltop town of Deia in the Serra de Tramuntana.

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Mallorca Yacht Rally: Andratx

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 09 Jun 2017

After two days exploring the Mallorca's capital city of Palma, we finally take to the sea! 

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Mallorca Yacht Rally: Palma

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 05 Jun 2017
male lead singer of the band Brown Sugar

The flight from Barcelona is the best kind – a quick half an hour with the calm Balearic Sea seemingly just beneath our wings. Palma de Mallorca airport is a little worn but we are through in no time. 

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Tahiti: In perfect harmony

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 15 May 2017
Sunset in Tahiti

In Polynesian culture, ‘mana’ is the name given to the spiritual life force which connects living things. It is believed that ‘mana’ is made perfect through the balance of all things – and there’s nowhere in the world where life seems in more perfect harmony than on the islands of Tahiti.

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Tahiti: Did you know…?

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 01 May 2017
Tahitian fire dancer with tatoos

The name ‘Tahiti’ conjures up images of crystal clear water, deep blue lagoons and little huts over the ocean – and, while these images most are certainly apt, there’s a lot more to these 188 French Polynesian islands.

Here are a few things you may not know about Tahiti:

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Sailing in Cuba - Cayo Largo and onwards

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 06 Apr 2017
Iguana sitting on a white rock on an island in Cub

We are two cats together in the bay and the turquoise water stretches as far as the eye can see with the exception of the low reef and low tree clad day drifts into the next in a sundrenched rhythm with the sound of the sea and wind in our ears and the smell of salt water on our browning skins. We feast on the bounty these waters bring to our table.

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So what is it like to sail in Cuba?

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 06 Apr 2017
a white sand beach in the Caribbean

As we are about to light the BBQ, the wind which avoided us all day, springs up and is soon blowing over 25 knots. Re-anchored, we spend a rough night on anchor with incessant high wind. This is the pattern over the next few days with wind at night and calm during the day. 

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Cuba first impressions

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 06 Apr 2017
Cuban musicians in Trinidad Cuba

Noisy, chaotic, untidy, but somehow it functions. At 10.30 pm as we are walking back to our Casa, a door opens and a chef appears loading perfect pies into a glass cabinet on the street outside his door. Guava or coconut - still warm from the oven.  

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Forgotten Greece is Unforgettable

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 15 Mar 2017
View of Corfu Old Town from the water

The Ionian islands may be located on what some have described as the ‘forgotten’ side of Greece – but a visit to these lush, mountainous islands will be anything but forgettable.

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