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Tacoma and the Southern Blue Fin Tuna

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 19 Jan 2013

We are on MFV Tacoma on something of an historical journey on this beautifully restored tuna clipper, which the Haldane brothers sailed on in these waters 60 years ago in search of their fortune fishing for the Southern Blue Fin Tuna.

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Kay Hits the High Seas in the Aegean Rally

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 08 Jan 2013

Welcome to the world of sail Kay!

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A French Riviera Experience (for Yachtsman Magazine Spring issue)

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 05 Jan 2013

Tracey and her partner Peter had often discussed visiting the Riviera but the thought of driving the coast, dealing with the traffic, the congestion and the thousands of tourists completely turned them off the idea.

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Shooting on the Water - Moving Targets

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 04 Jan 2013

While mentoring some keen amateurs on board Mariner Boating’s yachts cruising off the coast of Turkey the biggest challenge was shooting on the move.


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