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Anzac Day in the Caribbean

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 25 Apr 2013

“The Aussies are coming! The Aussies are coming!” So went the call around Nelson’s Dockyard on the southern shore of Antigua on a hot April afternoon. It was a somewhat circuitous tale, but the gist of the matter was simple: An Australian flotilla of charter boats was rambling about the Caribbean and was due to arrive at the Dockyard on April 24. At precisely 5 p.m. Antigua time, it would be dawn in Australia on April 25-Anzac Day-a particularly important waypoint on the Aussie calendar. And it was not going to pass unnoticed.

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Tips for Italy

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 18 Apr 2013

Don’t order a cappuccino after noon… you might just get a very funny look! Italians have a thing about drinking cappuccino after noon. It’s just not done!

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Three Men and a Boat

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 08 Apr 2013

The three men are pioneering boat building brothers Bill, Alan and Hughie Haldane and the boat is the MFV Tacoma, built on the banks of the Moyne River at Port Fairy in Victoria and launched in 1951.

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Sorro’s law partner finally gets to travel…

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 02 Apr 2013

Etchells sailor Tony Brown is the lucky draw winner for the Croatia One-Design Rally in 2013.

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