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What’s a Peka?

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 03 May 2013

Anyone who has been to Croatia will start salivating at the memory of their first meal created in a peka.

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Know Before You Go - ICC Certificates

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 02 May 2013

If you are looking to be the skipper on a charter overseas particularly Europe then you will need to get your International Certificate of Competence.

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The Kimberley on Orion Expedition Cruises

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 01 May 2013

Truly awesome, rugged, surprising, secretive, huge, remote (We had no mobile phone signal for 10 days!), hot, dry, isolated, dangerous and all at once beautiful, red, natural, ancient, ecological, historic, silent, adventurous, challenging and a photographer or artist’s dream come true.  The Kimberley is incomprehensively vast – 3 times the size of England or you could fit all of Germany or Texas inside it.

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