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The Kornati National Park Croatia

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 22 Jun 2015

One week on a yacht in the Kornati National Park could just never be enough. With only one week to go on the Yacht Rally we are moving out of the park and heading back towards the mainland. We are seriously going to miss these beautiful bays, exposed rock formations and remote swimming places - not to mention the fresh fish! The days catch arrives at the restaurants in the evening and appears on our plates in record time.

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The Museum of Innocence

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 12 Jun 2015

Orhan Pamuk has written a love story “the Museum of Innocence”. Kemal and Fusun’s story is set in the mid 1970’s and 80’s. We have read so much history from other periods but this is a new subject for us. The museum is a history of the time and much of what has been collected also rings true from our childhood.

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Tranquility and Bedlam in the Aegean

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 05 Jun 2015

“Get us out of here! We want to go back to the little bays and remote restaurants!”
Bodrum, Turkey, is abuzz – discos, markets, shopping, people, cars – altogether too much for the senses! We are so relaxed after a week of sailing through the Greek Islands of Samos, Arki and Patmos. Wandering through the museum at the Hora absorbing the tranquillity of the monastery. To Lipsi, where there were only two other yachts at anchor, and Kalymnos to eat and dance with Poppy at her tavern…then we arrive in Bodrum with thousands of people, the massive modern marina. We want none of it…well perhaps a manicure , a pedicure… a shave?

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