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First time around the Chesapeake - America’s Sailing Capital

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 26 Oct 2015

My first impressions of Chesapeake Bay finally morphed on a grey day with a 20 knot north easterly breeze rolling the tops off the small waves as we powered down our south easterly course. The shores on both sides were flat and low. Departure on our 30 mile passage to Oxford had been delayed by the threat of Hurricane Joaquin so Chesapeake had not been scoring big accolades, except of course for the sail. The following day however, dawned bright blue and calm, and the bay started registering points a plenty.

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Our thoughts on Turkey

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 15 Oct 2015

Turkey is a country we have lovingly explored for many years. We’ve discovered mind bending tales of yesteryear, told through sunken ruins, ancient amphitheaters and fairy chimneys. We’ve experienced the diversity of offerings in each unique town, listened to the melodious Adhan ringing from the minarets of mosques, and devoured the food. And let’s not forget the wonderful, hospitable Turks who welcome us and the hordes of Aussies that we bring with us every year. It’s a country that we will continue to travel to as long we can.

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How to survive strong wind sailing in the Greek Meltemi

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 03 Oct 2015

You might be able to navigate well in foreign seas and you might have experience in strong wind sailing at home, but it can be unnerving to have to deal with a wind like the Meltemi in a place you are not familiar with. Can you depend on local advice in a situation like this? Are the forecasts accurate? What can you do to make the experience easier?

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