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Choose to sail Sweden because it will surprise and delight

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 23 Mar 2018
yachts on the Sweden archipelago

The rocks have been sculptured by nature. Originally, two kilometres of glacial ice covered a granite crust. The earth’s gyrations sandpapered the granite smooth as the land elevated. When the ice melted the Stockholm Archipelago resulted.

The Swedes are lovers of nature and the bays are studded with boats of all shapes and sizes – summer homes for families. Generally quiet and polite in their favourite summer holiday destinations,  people are helpful and welcoming. Not only the hardy locals take to the waters here – its just too tempting to resist, and not the cold shock you might expect.

Sailing within the archipelago has tricky shifts to test the best and make racing interesting. On the open sea, the breeze sticks around for days on end. The shipping lanes could be a hazard with the ferries having right of way but they are large enough to see and Sydney sailors are used to traffic!

Some of the outer islands are large flat expanses of granite with vegetation bonsaied by the wind, boats and a couple of houses the sole evidence of habitation and a disused lighthouse by far the highest point on the island.   

The Swedish education system is one of the best in the world, many of the population are polylingual, with English being high on the list of accomplished languages. As a result, communication is easy and enjoyable.

Sailing in this archipelago requires the knowledge of a local. We take Martin on our rallies, he shows us the way in waters strewn with navigation hazards. He is skilled at resolving any technical issues with the boats, he assists with berthing in the small marinas and provides the local knowledge to guarantee the thrill of adventure, without the associated stress.

A highlight of the rally is the Royal Sweden Yacht Club at Sandhamn, where we reserve space in the marina and enjoy a welcome cocktail in the clubhouse before dinner.

Allow time to explore Stockholm as part of your journey. It is a beautiful, gracious city of wide streets and a fascinating historical old heart. Take in a museum or two, we like Abba and the Vasa.  Restaurants and coffee shops are a great fusion of historical and modern, helping to make this city a wonderful place to begin and end your adventure.

Join us for our rally in the Swedish archipelago, and help to make this trip the fun, social adventure we have come to expect from this fabulous cruising ground. Check the Rally out here.