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Greek Gulet Flag Cruising

Trevor Joyce's avatar By Trevor Joyce | 24 Oct 2019
Aegean Schatz Gulet

The regulations governing yacht charter in Greece have changed and in future all commercial vessel operating in Greek waters has to have a Greek license to do so, which means they must fly a Greek flag. Unlicensed yachts can transit Greek ports but they cannot embark or disembark their passengers in a Greek port.

We have access to more than 10 Greek flag gulets and traditional Greek motor sailors, most of which can embark at the port of your choice. These vessels are all famous for their quality and although traditional they offer luxurious accommodation, fittings and fixtures. 

Further, their crews are also famous for their authentic Greek hospitality and cuisine. We usually suggest a half board catering option to so that eating ashore can be added to the experience but we have had examples of people reverting to all meals on board purely because on the grounds of quality and service.

So far as your itinerary is concerned the calmest waters in Greece are in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy, the most challenging are the waters of the central Aegean (the islands of the Cyclades group) with the waters of the Dodecanese islands in the Eastern Aegean somewhere between the two. 

The best way to avoid rough seas, however is to avoid the heat of Summer– Mid July to the end of August. The seasonal Meltemi wind can blow for days on end and generate short, sharp, uncomfortable seas. These are also the months of the peak tourist season so everyone is running to make hay while the sun shines.

Holiday planning is essential and that’s where we can help you to ensure the success of your holiday. Call Mariner Boating Holidays and speak to Trevor Joyce – he has lived and sailed in Greece for more than 30 years and can help you avoid the “if only” statement.

Please be wary of anyone who says they can by-pass the rules. They might get away with it with you on board but they might also get impounded with you on board, which will not be any fun at all.

Remember also that you can board and disembark in a Turkish port legally and with no fuss but the entry, exit and transit costs will make a hole in the lower charter cost.