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Mallorca for the Foodie

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 26 Jan 2018
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With no less than eight Michelin star restaurants on the island, there’s plenty to please the discerning palate; however, even some of the most common Mallorcan dishes will cause the food-savvy to salivate.

Here are our top five food delights on Mallorca:

This traditional pastry comes in both sweet and savoury flavours, and is a favourite treat for breakfast or afternoon tea. Served sweet, it’s a spiral-shaped cake dusted with sugar and sometimes filled with cream, chocolate or even pumpkin strings. As a savoury snack it is commonly filled with sobrassada – a popular sausage – and pumpkin. On most flights out of Mallorca you’ll see tourists carrying boxes of enssaimadas home with them.

Tapas are small portions of a large variety of Spanish dishes, both cold and hot, usually shared. The word ‘tapa’ means ‘to cover’; pre-19th century inns would advertise their cuisine by providing small samples for travellers, since reading and writing was uncommon among both innkeepers and those who used their services. Cold tapas may include olives or cheese, while popular hot tapas include fried calamari and mini meatballs.

Pa Amb Oli
One of Mallorca’s most famous dishes, it literally means ‘bread with oil’ and is not much more than that. It’s a simple combination of local brown bread, rubbed with garlic, olive oil and half a rammalet (local) tomato, with many varieties of toppings, usually incorporating cheeses and cold meats.  This is a ‘must have’ when you visit Mallorca, and there are even whole restaurants dedicated to this simple delight.
Frito Mallorquan
Dating back to the 14th century, when families and communities would gather to slaughter a pig, frito malloquan was a dish made using the perishable part of the animal which could not be salted or cured. Since it usually contains liver, intestine and sometimes even kidneys, it may not sound like a gastronomer’s delight, but this combination of meat, potato, tomato, onion and peppers fried with oil, garlic and spices is delicious and well worth a taste.

Suckling Pig
A traditional Mallorcan Christmas dinner dish, the suckling pig is so popular it’s now eaten all year round here.  Roasted whole pig is often prepared by locals for special or festive occasions, and can also be found in many local restaurants. It’s worth doing your homework as most restaurants have certain days of the week when they roast their pigs – so shop around for this tender, juicy specialty.