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Sailing from Stockholm to Siaro

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 23 Mar 2018
Stockholm architecture taken from the yacht

Water temperature is 19° and the evening is a balmy 22. We are completely protected from the breeze by the island which has also been part of the protection for Sweden from invasion. A fort cleverly disguised as a large rock is left behind on the island here for the visitors to explore. Our group had a very impressive guided tour of the fort which is now open to the public.

Some of these islands in the archipelago are summer only destinations. This one has a conference room, a guest house and small guest marina. We have tied our seven large (by Swedish standards) yachts to the shore here. The water is like a lake with the exception of an occasional slight swell caused by the ferries passing along the seaway. Moored as we are we use two of the yachts to step ashore onto the ancient rounded boulders which fringe the pine covered island.

Foraging while helping to secure the yachts reveals some natural treasures growing here. The wild blueberries are tiny but tasty and the bright red, slightly sour lingonberries are irresistible.

Ashore, the path to the guest house is soft with pine needles underfoot and the moss covered hillside beneath the pines is quiet and inviting. We take a torch to walk the 100 metres to dinner and find when we leave, that the long daylight hours make the use of the torch totally unnecessary! Sitting back in the cockpit of the yacht and, surprise, surprise, it is still daylight well after ten o’clock!

Replete with the tasty meal Veronica has cooked at her guesthouse, we retire to a peaceful night in this natural haven only a few hours by yacht, but a million light years, from Stockholm!

And this is only the first of our rally days – we still have another 13 to go! Wonderful.

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