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Tahiti: In perfect harmony

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 15 May 2017
Sunset in Tahiti

In Polynesian culture, ‘mana’ is the name given to the spiritual life force which connects living things. It is believed that ‘mana’ is made perfect through the balance of all things – and there’s nowhere in the world where life seems in more perfect harmony than on the islands of Tahiti.

Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands that comprise French Polynesia – and it’s also the collective name given to the group. Scattered throughout more than four million square kilometres in the Pacific Ocean – an area as large as Europe – the islands of Tahiti are little pockets of timeless paradise that take up only 4,000 square kilometres of land in total.

The temperate climate here brings little seasonal variation, with temperatures staying between 21 and 31 degrees Celsius all year round. With no extremes when it comes to weather, Tahiti and her islands are home to an array of beautiful tropical flowers and fruits, with a wonderful blend of scents and tastes on offer to visitors.

These peaceful islands are inhabited by some of the friendliest people in the world; but not too many. With a population of just under 245,000 people, Tahiti is sparsely populated, and it’s easy to feel peacefully isolated as you explore its beaches and lagoons. Forty of the islands are uninhabited, as are the motus – or small islets – scattered along the reefs. Given that Hawaii receives more tourists in a single day than Tahiti receives in a year, finding solace doesn’t require much searching as you sail in Tahitian waters.

In a place with little extremes, you needn’t worry about danger here either. Violent crime is almost non-existent, hygiene and sanitation standards are high, and there are no reptiles or dangerous insects.
Not too hot nor too cold; neither too plentiful nor too spartan; no dangerous extremes but enough wild to explore. Tahiti is ‘mana’ in balance. It’s harmony.  

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