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The Bodrum Dream Team

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 26 Sep 2019
Sarah Joyce in Bodrum Turkey

‘Sarah, this is the owner of our gulet, he knows your parents’
‘Ah, Sarah, you look exactly like Maggie, welcome, what can I get you?’

I’ve arrived into Bodrum to make final preparations for a 50th birthday party. The party of 50 people will arrive tomorrow and months of planning are coming together perfectly.

I am amongst a team of local Turkish people who have known our family for many, many years. Nothing I ask for is too much. Everyone is smiling and laughing with every job that needs to be ticked off.

ground crew in Bodrum  Turkish ground crew in Bodrum gathered together

Bodrum is perfect to launch such an event from and is pretty-as-a-picture for guests who arrive early and want to explore before they step onto their gulet or yachts for a week-long celebration - kicking off with a party on the gulet.

Our local team make my job that much easier. I am swept along on the back of scooters to get me from here to there and back again and when I need to be fed they take me out to lunch. This is a reflection of how lucky we are to have been working locally for so long and the special relationships that have developed for us as a family and a business. The party has a DJ and this relationship means that the authorities will turn a blind eye until midnight. ‘whatever you need Sarah, you tell us and we organise what we can’.

I’ve had such a great few days. I’m proud of how the party is coming together and of the team effort to get it across the line, but what I’ve really loved is the smiling faces, the warm hospitality that greets me every time I ask for something and the sense of accomplishment that the team has when they are able to say ‘yes, we can do that!’.

Scooter guy and Sarah in Bodrum on a mission to deliver

The party is a success and we put the last guest onto the back of a scooter to take him home to his yacht at 2 am. He was determined to walk but as we watched him make his way we decided it was a terrible idea and we rode after him. He gladly hopped on the back of the scooter and was delivered to his yacht safely.

The next morning we set off with the gulet and seven yachts for a week tour along the Turkish coast. I am travelling with the group to take the pressure off. Organising places to visit, berthing along the way, restaurants and so on. This leaves the 50-strong group, who are having the holiday of a lifetime, to have their holiday of lifetime without trying to keep everyone organised. We have beach-side restaurants booked, quiet bays to anchor in, quiet ports and ports with a bit more action. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

Gulet Kaya Guneri V in Bodrum