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Why two hulls are better than one in the Caribbean.

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 11 Aug 2017
Catamarans sailing on the Caribbean Yacht Rally

When chartering a yacht in tropical destinations such as the Caribbean, our go-to choice is a catamaran. But for most sailors, this is a polarizing suggestion; it’s generally met with a look of disgust or a knowing grin.

People love what they know, and monohulls are the overwhelming favourites when it comes to chartering. They are perceived as faster, smoother in the water, and they are familiar to most sailors, so why not carry that familiarity with you overseas when chartering? We get it.

Catamarans, on the other hand, are perceived as ‘slow’, ‘clunky’, ‘blocks of flats’, and my personal favourite reaction? ‘A catamaran!? That’s not a boat!”

But after years of chartering monohulls and catamarans around the world, the “two hulls or one” debate is one we know well. And we know that if you charter a catamaran in the Caribbean you won’t be sorry, here’s why.

Monohulls are perfect for the Mediterranean, especially where there are lots picturesque town quays and busy marinas where you can just slot right in and traverse the gangplank to the shore in one smooth movement.

But in the Caribbean, there are very few marinas to speak of; so it’s anchoring all the way. No need to reverse a 50ft catamaran into a tight space with the whole town watching you from the dock. Not needed. Just drop the dinghy into the sea and motor the crew ashore to the next fabulous, beach, restaurant or site. Every catamaran we offer in the Caribbean has a set of davits which both launches and stows the dinghy easily for you.

Space and creature comforts
When a vessel has almost double the beam (width) of a monohull, there is going to be more space on board. And that goes for every inch of the boat. Your cabin, the galley, cupboards, deck space, dining space, sunbaking space, party space, reading a book space. Even your fridge, water and fuel tanks will be bigger.

There is more room and power to drive the creature comforts like air conditioning, cabin fans, water makers, microwaves, electric winches, you name it. For example, the Lagoon 45 catamaran has a fly bridge, 4 spacious cabins, 4 bathrooms, 2 fridges in the galley and 1 in the cockpit!

Sailing ability
Catamarans perform well off the breeze, and in particular, when reaching. More specifically, the sailing itinerary we design for the Caribbean Yacht Rally features courses that are predominately across the breeze and down current. So the usual frustrations associated with sailing cats can be thrown out the window, you can expect 10 to 15 knots on average! As Mariner Boating Director Trevor Joyce states ‘...the Caribbean is the only place in the world where you will arrive before you planned to.”
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