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  • 37-foot Monohull

    Typically this size monohull would be the smallest that we would suggest for comfortable cruising. Usually with 2 cabins and 1 head, this arrangement would be perfect for a couple or two couples who don't mind sharing a bathroom. While a boat this size may be smaller than most charter yachts, there are some advantages when looking for a berth and short-handed sailing.

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    • Length: 11.34m
    • Draft: 1.95m
    • Cabins: 2
    • Berths: 4
    • Heads: 1
    Avg. AUD$3095/week

    41-foot Monhull

    This is also a common size found in charter fleets. With more interior room than the smaller boats this is a good size for 6 people who don't feel the extra room of a 45 footer or larger. This size is ideal for cost savings for 6 people but also is a nice step up for a crew of 4 that wants a bit more space.

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    • Length: 12.43m
    • Draft: 2.05m
    • Cabins: 3
    • Berths: 6
    • Heads: 2
    Avg. AUD$3740/week

    44-foot Monohull

    This is a very common size and can be found in most charter fleets. There are many different layouts and is ideal for 4 to 6 people. These boats are usually a bit easier to handle when shorthanded yet roomy enough to be comfortable with 3 couples.

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    • Length: 13.74m
    • Draft: 2.03m
    • Cabins: 3 - 4
    • Berths: 6
    • Heads: 2
    Avg. AUD$4405/week

    50-foot Monohull

    The 50 footer is a perfect size for 6 people but can accomodate more if you like a snooze in the main salon. There are many different layouts available depending on the supplier but 3 cabins and 2 heads is a common combination. With plenty of room and storage, this size yacht is best sailed with 4 to 6 people.

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    • Length: 50
    • Draft: 1.9m
    • Cabins: 3
    • Berths: 6
    • Heads: 2
    Avg. AUD$6115/week

    53-foot Monohull

    Once in this size range, the layouts become significantly more roomy. Typically there would be 3 or 4 cabins and 3 or 4 heads. This is a great size for 6 to 8 people and we'd recommend a minimum of 4 to safely handle and berth. This is a very popular size and can be found in most Mediterannean fleets.

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    • Length: 16.06m
    • Draft: 2.28m
    • Cabins: 3 - 4
    • Berths: 6 - 8
    • Heads: 3 - 4
    Avg. AUD$6855/week

    38-foot Catamaran

    Typically with 4 cabins and 2 heads, this is a common size in catamaran fleets. With a beam of nearly 6.5m, there is plenty of deck space for the crew and storage for your kit. This is also a manageable size for a couple.

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    • Length: 11.43m
    • Draft: 1.05m
    • Cabins: 3
    • Berths: 6
    • Heads: 2
    Avg. AUD$5798/week

    41-foot Catamaran

    This is a step up in size from the smaller cats. It's a good size for 6 to 8 people and can easily be handled by 2 to 4 crew.  There is plenty of space with almost 7m of beam.

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    • Length: 12.58m
    • Draft: 2.1m
    • Cabins: 4
    • Berths: 8
    • Heads: 2
    Avg. AUD$5922/week

    44-foot Catamaran

    At 44 feet, this is significant step up in size. There are different layouts available but most can comfortably accomodate 6 to 8 people. More often than not, there is one head for each cabin. With well over 7m of beam there will be plenty of deck space for stretching out.

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    • Length: 12.98m
    • Draft: 1.27m
    • Cabins: 3 - 4
    • Berths: 6 - 8
    • Heads: 3 - 4
    Avg. AUD$8958/week

    47 Foot Catamaran

    Typically with three cabins, a 47 footer can easily accommodate six people in comfort. Cats in this range can have nearly 8m in beam and, coupled with a good deal of headroom below, a boat this size is quite roomy above and below decks. Usally there is a head for each cabin. Despite the size, these boats are well set-up for short handed sailing.

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    • Length: 14.03m
    • Draft: 1.1m - 2.5m
    • Cabins: 4
    • Berths: 8
    • Heads: 4
    Avg. AUD$7970/week

    At first look, chartering a boat overseas appears to be roughly similar to hiring a car. There are different models to accommodate your needs. There are costs associated with a roomier interior and a premium on some brands. You’ll need to book ahead and think about where you want to pick up and drop off. Sound’s easy, right?

    Arranging bareboat charters can be a bit tricky without an experienced eye. Invariably, your plans will involve more than just yourself and your partner and, aside from picking a destination, there are numerous other things that you will have to consider.

    What’s the best time to go? Should the itinerary be a circuit or is it better to arrange a one-way trip? What about charter formalities - skipper’s qualifications, technical back-up, provisioning and security? How old is the boat and is it in good condition? The list goes on and there are many traps for inexperienced players. The moral of the story is that it’s better to get good advice first.

    Once you’ve made the decision to take a charter yacht on your own we can make all the arrangements for you. We’ve cruised the destinations extensively, chartered the yachts, eaten in the restaurants and danced in the bars so we know what to expect.

    We will help you select vessels sized from 32 – 58 feet in length – sailing yachts, sailing catamarans and power catamarans. We offer quality charter yachts in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. We select only the operators who meet our strict criteria for fleet management, maintenance standards and service ethics.

    So, which yacht is best for me? Just ask us, we’re here to help:


    • Find the right yacht to match your requirements and budget
    • Ensure the yacht is fully equipped to meet your needs
    • Put together personalised sailing itineraries and impart invaluable local knowledge – secluded bays, off the beaten track towns, restaurants, bars, shopping spots and more
    • Answer the questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet
    • Make sure your charter is as hassle-free as possible
    • Have a great sailing holiday without the worry

    If you are still unsure whether a bareboat charter is for you then why not check out our famous fun rallies and take the hassle out of your holiday planning. Enjoy the social atmosphere of the rally in iconic destinations.

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    Is there anything on top of the charter that we need to pay for?

    There are plenty of little extras that you may need or want and we are here to help you make those decisions.

    A few examples of things

    • Outboard engine
    • Extra bed linen
    • Bath towels
    • One way charter fees
    • Skipper and/or hostess
    • Marina Berthing and mooring fees
    • End of charter cleaning
    • Fuel
    • Food and Beverage provisioning
    • Spinnakers
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  • …thank you for organising our sail in Croatia for us. It was absolutely fantastic. The boat was wonderful, all the ports were great and the scenery was delightful.

    Croatia Bareboat Charter 2004

    Liz Kelly
    Destination: Mediterranean

    To plan a holiday with four completely unknown people from the other side of the world is a little daunting, but within hours of sailing from Athens it was if we had known them all our lives.

    It was our holiday of a lifetime and we would like to thank you…

    Greece Bareboat Charter 1999

    Warwick & Trish Wrangles
    Destination: Mediterranean

    …thank you for handling our arrangements in regard to our travel… Things went very smoothly and we were delighted by it all – largely due to the information you kindly gave us.

    Bareboat Yacht Charter 1999

    Janet Norgate

    Thank you for organising such a great trip for us. We all had such a good time. …We went to some wonderful places that you could not experience without a boat. We particularly enjoyed the boat part of the holiday, it was better than we imagined.

    Tahiti Bareboat Yacht Charter 2002

    Alice Lydement
    Destination: South Pacific

    Tonga was a fantastic sailing destination. …We sailed alongside humpback whales and one literally swam under the Cat!

    Tonga Bareboat Charter 2004

    Michael J Williams
    Destination: South Pacific
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