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What to expect on your first day of a yacht charter

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 22 Nov 2018

What does it truly mean when we talk about yacht check in procedures? The experience can be daunting but don't let that stop you from enjoying a fantastic sailing holiday. Maggie sheds light on the highs and lows of this process having done several each year for over 18 years straight. 

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When dancing spills onto streets

Maggie's avatar By Maggie | 30 Oct 2018
2 women dancing with musician in Greece

The town of Sami on Kefalonia is not at the top of the list of towns one would see, but we have had many wonderful evenings there. I still remember our first visit to a very fabulous restaurant, where we sat happily listening to two Greek musicians, one playing the traditional bouzouki and the other singing, weaving their story in song. Hypnotic tunes quickly drew everyone to the dance floor. 

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The Captain and Crew

Trevor Joyce's avatar By Trevor Joyce | 19 Oct 2018

Having experienced a crewed catamaran in New Caledonia recently, the great thing about having a professional Skipper and Hostess, is that they take care of everything! Read Trevors latest blog to find out what being on a crewed sailing holiday can be like. 

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Life on board a catamaran

Trevor Joyce's avatar By Trevor Joyce | 03 Oct 2018
Bali 4.5 Saloon dining area

Strangers to sail boats are sometimes intimidated by the prospect of living in confined spaces and being deprived of the creature comforts of home. This is our experience of staying aboard a Bali 4.5 sailing catamaran.

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The ever elusive Moose

Trevor Joyce's avatar By Trevor Joyce | 25 Sep 2018
Sandhamn harbour

The Stockholm Archipelago offers a maze of 23,000 islands with the waterways offering the best sailing I have ever experienced anywhere in the world ever; flat water, terrific breezes and any number of places to drop an anchor for a swim or lunch stop. Even the smallest towns have special Guest Harbours reserved for visitors and all of them offer excellent facilities onshore. Sometimes, however, the boys and the girls get mixed up but no one seems to care.
This was my third trip to Sweden over 4 years and the weather was terrific; this year even better than terrific but not Swedish typical we were told. We swam comfortably at 60° North latitude under clear blue skies!

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From Strangers to Friends

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 07 Jul 2018
Friends made on a shared sailing experience

Sharing a yacht with people you’ve never met opens you up to new cultures, opinions and conversations you just don’t generally experience on a regular basis in everyday life. And if you’re lucky, you might just make some lifelong friends as well. You’re sharing a unique sailing experience in a beautiful new country and it’s the kind of adventure that can’t help but bring people together.
What an experience. What a way to travel. Yes, I had been nervous. But I knew this had been one of the best experiences of my life.

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Getting the best out of your holiday yacht charter

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 08 May 2018
yacht hull and bow waves

We’re not just pulling our chain when we say we have been hand-picking charter yachts for over the 17 years. Early trips we did had as many as 20 vessels on them. We have tried and tested hundreds of charter operators all around the world, but ultimately, we keep coming back to a handful we trust. These operators are continually updating their charter fleets, and they have skilled staff who understand yachts, us, and our clients’ needs

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Tying the Knot, Croatian style

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 07 May 2018
love and marriage in Croatia

Stunning beaches, spectacular scenery, ancient towns, modern cafes and fascinating galleries: on the surface, Croatia has a lot to offer the visitor. But dig into Croatian culture for a deeper understanding of the people who call this beautiful country home, and you’ll soon realise Croatia is ‘more than just a pretty face’.

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Sailing: It’s the Little Things…

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 07 May 2018
Sailing in a small group tour in the Aegean Greece

Travelling on water has always held a sense of romance and adventure, so it’s no surprise that Australians are huge fans of seafaring holidays. In fact, more than one million Australians choose to take a cruise every year. However, cruising isn’t the only way to experience the relaxing sea breeze and the gentle ebb and flow of the water beneath you. So, how does a sailing holiday compare to a cruise? 

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Sailing from Stockholm to Siaro

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 23 Mar 2018
Stockholm architecture taken from the yacht

From the gracious city of Stockholm where water is always close by, to the nature anchorage at the tiny summer island of Siaro, you can't resist testing the waters. Dive in - it is too good to miss. Water temperature is 19° and the evening is a balmy 22. We are completely protected from the breeze by the island which has also...

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Choose to sail Sweden because it will surprise and delight

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 23 Mar 2018
yachts on the Sweden archipelago

With 25,000 islands dotted along the Baltic coast, the waterways are the life blood of Sweden.The islands and bays are landscaped by nature with a lush blanket of coniferous and deciduous forests, padded forest floors, carefully sculptured paths for walking and wonderful natural anchorages. Glide into a bay, drop the stern anchor, nudge the bow ashore, place the ladder over the bow and step onto a granite rock landing. Explore, or sit in the cockpit with a sundowner and listen to the birds.

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Add Mallorca to Your Bucket List

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 26 Jan 2018
Beaches Mallorca on a bucket list guided sailing

If your bucket list includes a trip to a deserted beach, or somewhere that takes you off the beaten track, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca is the perfect choice. And if you’ve always wanted to visit somewhere culturally or historically significant, you may be surprised to find Mallorca ticks those boxes too

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Mallorca for the Foodie

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 26 Jan 2018
Palma Spain dinner Mallorca Sailing Tour

The Spanish island of Mallorca (or ‘Majorca’) has long been known as a beach holiday destination – but visitors are often surprised to find that the largest of the Balearic Islands is also a foodie’s paradise.

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Healing and Cleansing in Kos

The Mariner Creative Team's avatar By The Mariner Creative Team | 23 Jan 2018
wreath floating at Kos, Greek Island cultural fest

The 2018 Aegean Yacht Rally provides the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Turkish coastline up close, while safely exploring one of the sunniest corners of Greece. Mid-way through the rally, a visit to the island of Kos offers spectacular views of the Turkish shoreline, just 4 kilometres away. The island itself is not only picturesque – but holds an important place in world history.

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Summer travel inspiration

Lauren's avatar By Lauren | 02 Nov 2017

Sailing holidays need not be grand, expensive, month long trips to the Mediterranean and Europe! There are so many fabulous destinations that are not only closer to home, but offer a different type of sailing experience - one that brings you back to the simplicity of a holiday on the water. Think white sand beaches, incredible food, snorkelling, swimming and lounging about on deck with a sun-downer. Sound like you? Here, we countdown our top 3 summer sailing destinations. 

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