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a deluxe cabin on a catamaran

Cabin Charter

What is Cabin Charter?

There are many different names when it comes to booking onto a yacht by the cabin for a sailing holiday, essentially the industry term is called 'cabin charter'. The idea of cabin charter is really for those that have always wanted to book a yacht, but could never find a crew to bring with them, those that simply wanted a unique experience without the fuss and bother; and for those that wanted to be closer to the action, rather than sitting from a deck chair on a cruise ship. 


If I book a cabin charter holiday what can I expect? 

Most cabin charter experiences are on a sailing catamaran. These vessels are double the size of a sailing yacht, and have excellent deck space on board where you can recline in the sun or under the shade to your hearts content. There are day beds you can use, and even a sea kayak and snorkelling gear to enjoy. In most cases a trampoline located at the front of the yacht, hangs over the water and is a excellent spot where you can lie back and relax. These vessels are crewed, meaning they have a captain that takes care of the sailing and a hostess/cook, to take care of meals on board and cleaning the general areas of the yacht that are shared by everyone. 

You can expect all meals on board, a double bed (with linen and towels) in your own private cabin and even your own private ensuite. These days yachts are so modern the toilets even flush! and showers have hot and cold running water. Many catamarans on board have a watermaker, so you are not limited in time when you want to have a decent shower. The more modern catamarans even come with air conditioning or fans in each cabin to help cool the space on board during particularly hot days. 

Cabins have electrical outets where you can charge phones, ipads etc and there is usually a radio or ipod dock system located in the seated areas around the yacht.
Storage in each cabin is very optimal, pack away your soft luggage case and hang your clothes in the closet. 

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Consider this to be a home away from home, only your home is now moving from one beautiful destination to another. Spending time on a yacht like this enables you to reach smaller bays, dive off the back of the yacht without having to wait for anyones permission to do so. Soak in that feeling of absolute freedom as you explore with a small group of guests on board. If you are single, couple or small group Cabin Charter is the perfect option for a sailing holiday.