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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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yacht motoring in aqua water off Antigua in the Caribbean

Caribbean Leeward Islands: the only way to go

29 June 2017
When it comes to the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, there’s a right time to sail, a right direction to travel in, and a right vessel to take – and the 2018 Caribbean Yacht Rally in February/March ticks all the boxes. Here, Mariner Boating’s Trevor Joyce tells why.
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Robbie Sangulin at Rokis Farm Vis

Croatia Yacht Rally: a day in the life of a rally skipper

28 June 2017
I’ve been running yacht rallies for 20 years, and regardless of what I know about the destinations we visit, I would never attempt to run a rally without having one of these guys or girls with us.
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Castle on the top of a hill on Cabrera island Mallorca

Mallorca Yacht Rally: Cabrera National Park

19 June 2017
After two weeks in the villages, towns and calas of Mallorca we divert from the Island and race 15 nautical miles south from Porto Petro to the small Cabrera Archipelago.
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