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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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a lady serving dinner in a greek restaurant

Greek Dodecanese Islands Vathi

20 October 2017
Vathi, an almost completely hidden inlet of the sea. Sailing past you would certainly miss this gem on Kalymnos Island if you didn’t look carefully. I however, am on the other side, looking out of the inlet, towards the coast of Turkey. It’s night time and behind me are a group of Australians devouring the amazing dinner that Sylvia has slaved over all day. Trevor Joyce reminisces about his time on Kalymnos Island in Greece.
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catamaran anchored in avea bay

Tahiti Yacht Rally 2017 Part 3

20 October 2017
Five days into the rally and the crews have melded together which is wonderful to see. Happy hours and drinks on the boats, day excursions, crew dinners and of course the races have provided the perfect setting for making new friends.
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Sunset in Tahiti

Tahiti Yacht Rally 2017 Part 2

17 October 2017
When you think about a sailing holiday, racing is certainly not something that comes to mind. It would certainly be secondary to the more gentile delights of our Tahiti Yacht Rally – the culture, sights, cuisine, underwater exploration, to name just a few. But when you have more than one boat sailing in the same direction, the race is on and the conditions here in Tahiti for our 14th Tahiti Yacht Rally have set us up for some awesome races. NB. Yachtie jargon ahead!
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