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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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"What a wonderful warm and friendly, beautiful islands and coast line.

...will stay with me forever as my number one holiday.

Great tour an insight into how people lived in the ancient times. "

view of Zakynthos bay through the trees

Forgotten Greece is Unforgettable

15 March 2017
The Ionian islands may be located on what some have described as the ‘forgotten’ side of Greece – but a visit to these lush, mountainous islands will be anything but forgettable.
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colorful house facade with bougainvillea tree

Top 5 Experiences in the Ionian Islands

15 March 2017
Peppered along Greece’s west coast, the Ionian Islands are known for their lush, green landscapes, temperate climate, and rich cultural history. There’s plenty to see and do as you island-hop along the Ionian Sea. Here are five suggestions for your Ionian ‘to do’ list.
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Sailing yachts moored at the port of Herceg Novi in Montenegro

Montenegro’s colourful history

09 March 2017
Present-day Montenegro is a rich, colourful tapestry of culture and history, wrapped in a quiet, serene package that belies its turbulent past. While there are many tales of battles fought, rulers brought down and territories lost and gained, we’ve found a few of the more surprising stories from Montenegro’s past. Here are four historical facts we’re sure you didn’t know about Montenegro:
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