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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Sailing in Cuba - Cayo Largo and onwards

06 April 2017
We are two cats together in the bay and the turquoise water stretches as far as the eye can see with the exception of the low reef and low tree clad day drifts into the next in a sundrenched rhythm with the sound of the sea and wind in our ears and the smell of salt water on our browning skins. We feast on the bounty these waters bring to our table.
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Trevor and Maggie on top of lighthouse

So what is it like to sail in Cuba?

06 April 2017
As we are about to light the BBQ, the wind which avoided us all day, springs up and is soon blowing over 25 knots. Re-anchored, we spend a rough night on anchor with incessant high wind. This is the pattern over the next few days with wind at night and calm during the day. 
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cuban man in havana

Cuba first impressions

06 April 2017
Noisy, chaotic, untidy, but somehow it functions. At 10.30 pm as we are walking back to our Casa, a door opens and a chef appears loading perfect pies into a glass cabinet on the street outside his door. Guava or coconut - still warm from the oven.  
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