picturesque colourful boat in clear blue water
Get lost. Find yourself. Repeat
A catamaran on turquoise seas in New Caledonia
Get lost. Find yourself. Repeat
drone shot of three yachts in a blue sea
Get lost. Find yourself. Repeat
Woman sitting on a boat looking out to sea

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Swimmer in blue water near a white  yacht

My Yacht Rally

Photo of Maggie Joyce, travel guide in a pink dress near an old ruin

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What’s a rally?

Choose where you want to go.

Travellers love the mix of iconic and out-of-the-way places featured in the Yacht Rally program each year

Choose a yacht, crew or skipper

We're flexible; share a yacht as an independent adventurer, bring your own crew, sail as a first-timer or skipper your own yacht

Rally together!

Travel in company, explore on your own. Get an easy bucket list sailing holiday and find the perfect balance between social time and free time afloat.

Well, the 2017 Rally season has been roughed out, there have been surveys and blogs to flesh out the design and we are as committed as ever in producing an exciting list of destinations and great itineraries.

So, have a sneak peak at the social sailing calendar for 2017, work out when you can take time out of your busy lives, choose your destination and start rustling up the troops for another journey of a lifetime.

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blue sea and 3 sailing boats taken from a drone with the 2017 Yacht Rally Program written over it.
Herrington Harbour Chesapeake Bay Yacht Rally

Stories from the Guide - Chesapeake Bay Yacht Rally - Where am I?

24 August 2016
​Looking at all these names on the chart – Oxford, Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk, Woodbridge – where am I?
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Sweden Yacht Rally fleet tied to the shoreline on Rödlöga Island

Stories from the Guide - Sweden Yacht Rally part 2

08 August 2016
Sweden, the land of many bas. There are so many here, you couldn't possibly visit them all if you stayed for a lifetime. But the locals, yachties and power boat owners, obviously have their favourite,go-to places.
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Sweden Yacht Rally fleet tied to the shoreline on Siaröfortet

Stories from the Guide - Sweden Yacht Rally and Siaröfortet

03 August 2016
When you think of Sweden, swimming is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. But from the moment we arrived in the gracious city of Stockholm where water is always close by, to anchoring amongst nature at the tiny summer island of Siaröfortet, the 2016 Sweden Yacht Rally crews could no longer resist testing the waters. 
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