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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Get help to sail sooner, no stress
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Thailand beach

Summer travel inspiration

02 November 2017
Sailing holidays need not be grand, expensive, month long trips to the Mediterranean and Europe! There are so many fabulous destinations that are not only closer to home, but offer a different type of sailing experience - one that brings you back to the simplicity of a holiday on the water. Think white sand beaches, incredible food, snorkelling, swimming and lounging about on deck with a sun-downer. Sound like you? Here, we countdown our top 3 summer sailing destinations. 
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Diving with manta rays and eagle rays in Bora Bora Tahiti

Tahiti Yacht Rally 2017 Reviews

27 October 2017
Sitting at Fa'a'ā International Airport on our way home from the Tahiti Yacht Rally, we got into a discussion about the trip (as you do) with two of the participants from the rally group; Peter and Jenny. Having missed my calling as a journalist I decided to make the most of this great chat and asked Peter and Jenny if I could interview them. We had a few hours to spare anyway, so why not! 
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View of Symi harbour from the top of the hill

Greek Dodecanese Islands Symi

23 October 2017
East of Nisyros, nestled within the towering Turkish Hisaronou Peninsular, is the little Greek island of Symi. Frequently topping bloggers lists and travel sites, tiny Symi’s reputation spans the globe.
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